Michael Webster, Still from “Kitty 54” (2015) (image courtesy the artist)

Organized by artists Maura Brewer + Paul Pescador, Video In Site is a series of screenings that reflect the way film and video are presented, digested, cut-up, and reformed across a wide spectrum of media, from the cell phone to the lap top, the mainstream movie theater to the art house. Beginning next Wednesday at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), the program will then move to other venues around the city: 18th Street Art Center, Echo Park Film Center, Queens, and Veggie Cloud. Each screening will feature video art and experimental film loosely based around a specific cinematic genre, including the western, the road trip, science fiction, soap opera, and horror.

Next week’s screening is focused on the Hollywood musical and contains a range of works that pay homage to or subvert the classic tropes of song and dance. Featured films include Mike Kelley’s “Day is Done” (2005-6), a campy series of vignettes based on found photographs of high school musicals, Judy Fiskin’s “Diary of a Midlife Crisis” (1997), a video diary in the form of comedic single-shot scenes, and Michael Webster’s “Kitty 54” (2015), a CGI cat containing kaleidoscopic scenes of disco’s heyday. The program is rounded out by contributions from Seth Bogart, Max Grau, Gelare Khoshgozaran, Josh Mannis, and Alison O’Daniel.

When: Wednesday, February 27, 7–9pm
Where: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) (6522 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Los Angeles)

More info at LACE.

Matt Stromberg

Matt Stromberg is a freelance visual arts writer based in Los Angeles. In addition to Hyperallergic, he has contributed to the Los Angeles Times, CARLA, Apollo, ARTNews, and other publications.