Daniel Peltz, When We Dig, Things Come Up, (2014)

IAS is seeking applications from visual and new-media artists interested in participating in the fourth iteration of spaced, IAS’ recurring program of context-responsive art. Participating artists will be invited to live and work in Western Australian rural communities with the view to developing original art projects created in response to local social, historical and environmental situations. Projects will address the program’s overarching curatorial theme that focuses on the idea of “rural utopias”.

Artists will undertake up to two residencies, each running for 6 weeks or longer and both located in the same town. The first residency will focus on research and community engagement, the second on creating a major artwork. The whole residency cycle will span 18 months. Participants who have completed the first round of residencies, may submit proposals for works to be created during the second placement. Submissions will be assessed by IAS’ curatorial panel in consultation with the residency hosts, with the final selection to be made based on the projects’ intrinsic value and available funds.

Participating artists will be offered a remuneration package covering travel expenses, artists’ fees and production costs.

International Art Space (IAS) is based in Perth, Western Australia. Since its inception, IAS has run more than 120 residency-based and context-responsive projects by artists from 22 countries, created five national touring exhibitions and organized symposia, educational programs, professional mentorships and many other cultural and community activities.

To obtain the application form and additional information, contact the program manager at admin@spaced.org.au.

Deadline for applications is April 15, 2019. For a comprehensive overview of IAS’ activities, visit spaced.org.au