Anton Repponen's concept reimagines the classic Apple OS interface on the iPhone. Images via

Anton Repponen’s concept reimagines the classic Apple OS interface on the iPhone. (Images via work.repponen.com_

LOS ANGELES — I’ve been with Apple since the very early days, long before the iMac and iPad changed things forever for the company. I still remember the black and white graphical user interface of yesteryear, with flat white folders and a gray trash scan. Those were the tools of my younger self’s early writing and designing years, ad hoc and filed away like mini blog posts that would never see the light of day.

There’s something deeply satisfying about the concept mashup of Anton Repponen, who took the iconic graphic language of the original Apple OS and dropped it into an iPhone in full black and white glory.

In an interview with Co.DESIGN, he noted that the move is more about the concept, rather than to be functional per se:

It’s like car companies making new cars that look retro, just for collectors or exhibitions only, but not really for driving. I think what Apple has now is much better, and they spent a lot of time perfecting each element.

But that doesn’t stop the nostalgic among us from wanting try it out.  Repponen’s concept looks great on the iPhone, only highlighting the brilliance of the original design. It gets me thinking about the failed Newton and the device-ahead-of-its-time revamped into a phone.  With so many advances each day from Apple and other computer companies, and design tweaks coming in and out on our popular social networks it’s refreshing to know that a classic is just that — a classic. It doesn’t need to be changed.

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