The fad for fake art personas online has passed. They were soo 2010, though they lingered into 2011. Perhaps tired of the fakery and the shadowy world of anonymous critics, someone has decided to rekindle the words of the maestro of Modernism into 140 characters or less, @Clem_Greenberg. We mention this knowing that Hilton Kramer passed away today and somebody might be thinking of ways to rekindle his spirit into something more easily digested.

The first Greenberg tweet entered the Twitterverse last summer:

Since then, and 248 tweets later, this Greenbergian has been churning out quotes on a fairly regular bases. The most recent nugget comes from a 1939 letter written by Greenberg to his friend Harold Lazarus.

And whoever this pseudo-Clement is, we can be assured that he or she has done his or her homework. The background image they chose for their Twitter page is a birthday drawing made by Jackson Pollock and given to Greenberg with an inscription (discernible on the bottom right) in 1951. The work is currently in the collection of the Portland Art Museum in Oregon, which acquired the work roughly a decade ago as part of Greenberg’s private art collection.

Btw, is it just me or is Twitter sometimes more like the Reader’s Digest version of the world?

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