BMW Guggenheim Lab Finds Safety in a More Gentrified Berlin Locale

Last month, we reported on the controversial location of the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin’s punkrock/activist/multiculti/graff neighborhood, Kreuzberg. Now, there has been an accouncenment that they’ve decided on Prenzlauer Berg, which a source characterized for us as Berlin’s “Park Slope” for those of us more familiar with New York’s gentrification geography.

The announcement from the Guggenheim Foundation indicates the Lab will be open from June 15 to July 29, 2012. The new location is the Pfefferberg on Schoenhauser Allee, a former industrial site that currently houses studios, galleries and restaurants.

Germany’s Spiegel Online summarizes the reactions by various local newspapers to the change of plans. Der Tagesspiegel thinks the protesters are not constructive, Berliner Zeitung seems bizarrely obsessed with the fact that the Guggenheim is a “Jewish foundation” and Berlin couldn’t ensure its safety and Süddeutsche Zeitung at least acknowledges that the BMW Gugg Lab has its work cut out for it.

Image: A rendering of the Atelier Bow-Wow-designed structure.

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