Pioneering publication The BushwickBK is gearing up to relaunch after a roughly six month hiatus, and it is running an awesome Kickstarter to help with their revival.

The publication provides Bushwickians (Bushwhackers?) need-to-know hyperlocal news and culture. If you’re looking for the latest on local politics, need some new-vintage digs or are looking for the top 10 Bushwick taco joints, the Bushwick BK used to have it all. Their sassy weekly culture picks and the classifieds section complete with missed connections, job listings and real estate for all you vagabonds in envy of the Bushwick lifestyle, were all must-reads for the Bushwick-lovers amongst us.

When BushwickBK started many years ago it was the only game in town and brought a sense of community for the new arrivals and connected them to the residents who already were part of the fabric of the North Brooklyn neighborhood. Want to know about the man who owns that vintage Italian pastry shop? BushwickBK has the story. Is there a Hindu Temple in the neighborhood? Yup, they’d know that too.

Brokelyn praises BushwickBK for its journalistic integrity:

Before it shuttered in the fall, the site was a rarity in the local blog scene because it hired real reporters to hunt down serious issues and stories that were often ignored by big media outlets.

Founder Jeremy Sapienza spoke to the Columbia Journalism Review about what happened when he was compelled to close the publication last October due to a lack of funding:

He was soon getting e-mails, comments, and posts to The BushwickBK’s Facebook page, pleading with the site to “please start again,” says Sapienza. “People suggested we take the cause onto Kickstarter.”

Bushwick or Bust T-shirt and tote by Skewville, image courtesy of The BushwickBK

Bushwick or Bust T-shirt and tote by Skewville, image courtesy of The BushwickBK

And so he has. The Kickstarter — which ends in 60 hours! — offers a variety of pledge options with a slew of incredibly generous Bushwick-y rewards. In exchange for your contribution, you can select gifts like a Skewvilledesigned “Bushwick or Bust” t-shirt or tote, stacks of Brooklyn postcards, original artwork, some real vintage Brooklyn junk and even church pews. The goal is a whopping $40,000 — and they’re almost half way there — to be used for hiring reporters and photographers, paying for data entry, maintaining the site and hiring a professional programmer. It’s totally legit. Support the efforts of The BushwickBk!

If you’re feeling Kickstarter-happy, check out the Hyperallergic Kickstarter page where we support innovative projects like Instaprint, a location based photobooth.

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