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Visitors wrap themselves in Tyvek at the Pacific Design Center (image courtesy Post Modern Production)

LOS ANGELES — There are giant balloons at the Pacific Design Center (PDC). And if you can make your way bravely past them, you’ll come across rolls of Tyvek strung around the walls, and a few skirts, capes and shawls that you can throw around yourself.

Artist Sylvia Heisel navigates the weather balloon maze. (image by the author)

Post Modern Production, a creative team of New Yorkers Sylvia Heisel and Scott Taylor, have created many interiors before, using sustainable materials and interactive events in the close quarters around the city.  But in the massive Pacific Design Center complex, they found a new opportunity to explore the large spaces of Los Angeles.

“We do it site specific,” noted Heisel, talking about the group’s installation work with me. “This is so much about space, open space. In New York, you wouldn’t have a space like this.” Commissioned by Design Loves Art, a program which aims to bring artists  in dialogue with the many design studios at PDC, the installation has many designerly explorations — materials, shapes, textures, space — but in a playful context more familiar to artists.

Indeed, audiences are encouraged to wrap themselves in Tyvek and play with the maze of giant weather balloons, each of which are held down with sand from the beach or, alternatively, potatoes.  “We wanted to create a clean, uncluttered, elegant and fun environment where visitors could retreat from their reality to contemplate and play,” the group wrote in a statement.

Post Modern Production’s installation runs till April 13 at the Pacific Design Center.  Before they close on April 14, they plan to host an interactive food fight in the Tyvek space.

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