Speechless is an evolving series that reviews, discusses and/or comments on art works and exhibitions using images, screenshots, videos and other visuals. To guarantee that the sources are not lost, the information for each image is available when you roll-over it and/or when you click through. All images with no click throughs were taken by the author.

Arne Quinze has been extended at the Vicky David Gallery (522 West 23rd Street, Chelsea, Manhattan) until Saturday, April 14.

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2 replies on “Speechless: Arne Quinze at Vicky David Gallery”

  1. I screwed up. The rollovers for 14 and 15 are incorrect.

    14 (the one after Quinze’s “Bidonville View”) should read: Unified distance matrix of the risk level assessment map, based on an artificial neural network model.

    via sciencedirect:

    15 should read: Closeup view: Sam Songailo, “Media Centre Installation” (2010)

    via SpaceInvading:


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