Tiny Food and Tiny Galaxies

Shay Aaron's tiny meals are perfect for food lovers watching their figure. Image via Colossal.
Shay Aaron's tiny meals are perfect for food lovers watching their figure. (image via Colossal)

LOS ANGELES — I’ve been noticing more tiny things in my computer these days. No, they’re not ants or crumbs. It’s art, folks. Just art writ small.

Colossal recently featured the mini food sculptures of Tel Aviv artist Shay Aaron. The sculptures, shot at 1:12 scale, look exquisitely detailed, and Aaron even sells versions of them as earrings, necklaces and pendants. A DIY kit of polymer clay canes lets you assemble your own tiny salad of tomato, cucumber and salami, among other foods. It sounds like the best way to have your cake and eat it too … if you can just find where it is.

Homer choking Bart on a pin head (via wired.com/underwire) (click to enlarge)

And then The Fox is Black turned me on to the work of Pery Burge, who photographs chronoscapes, swirls of materials like glitters, oils and water. She shoots them with a macro lens, making the tiny tides look more like galaxies or nebulae. Burge writes in her artist statement that a residency program has even brought her into the realm of soap films using special equipment.

There’s nothing new about tiny art, of course. Hrag pointed me to the tiny Incredible Hulk, who fits inside the eye of a needle. And Core77 (which I contribute to) took a look at tiny houses, an effort to reduce one’s carbon footprint. What have you seen in this genre, dear reader? (Or not seen, as the case may be.)

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