View of the Frieze 2019 Los Angeles Art Fair at the Paramount Picture Studios (photo by Elisa Wouk Almino/Hyperallergic)

Last year, I relocated from Hyperallergic’s New York-based office to Los Angeles to help expand our coverage along the West Coast. In this podcast, I chat with Editor-in-Chief Hrag Vartanian about my initial impressions of the city, where artists have been increasingly flocking to.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Catherine G. Wagley, a veteran Los Angeles art critic and reporter who has contributed nuanced op-eds and reported stories to the site. She shares her thoughts on why Los Angeles is such an appealing city for artists and how it differentiates itself from other major centers like New York. We also talk about how students at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) have been battling for more transparent financial policies — a fight that is relevant for art schools across the country.

Finally, two of our frequent contributors, Matt Stromberg and Abe Ahn, share some of their favorite art spaces and experiences in Los Angeles. If you live in the city or are planning a summer trip, don’t miss out on their fun, off-beat, and insightful recommendations.

A special thanks to April + VISTA for the music to this week’s episode. If you’re in Los Angeles, the band will be performing at the Echo on June 13. You can listen to more of their music on Spotify and other streaming services.

This and more in our current episode of our weekly Art Movements podcast.

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