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WTC1 rising adjacent to the 9/11 Memorial in lower Manhattan (image via @isardasorensen)

WTC1 may have reached the 100-floor mark on April 2, but today, April 30, it has officially surpassed the Empire State Building (1,250 ft./381 m) as the tallest building in New York.

When completed in 2014, WTC1’s height will be 1,368 feet but a 408-foot antennae will mean its pinnacle height will be 1,776 feet, which is a very symbolic number for Americans, making it the tallest building in the United States. The antenna, which will be both aesthetic and utilitarian, will be installed in 2013. The final tower will have 104 floors, including 71 office floors with 3 million square feet of space, according to The Daily News.

It’s interesting to note that are only five buildings in New York that are above 1,000 feet tall: WTC1, Empire State Building, Bank of America Tower, Chrysler Building and the New York Times Tower. All of them are in Manhattan.

The tallest New York building outside Manhattan is One Court Square (658 ft./ 201 m) in Long Island, Queens. The tallest building in Brooklyn is The Brooklyner condo building in downtown Brooklyn, which stands 515 feet (157 meters) and 51 stories tall.

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