Overheard in the Art World

We’re in Soho on Tuesdays, the Lower East Side on Wednesdays, Chelsea on Thursdays. We go to openings, art fairs, auctions, performances, lectures, galas, member events, after-parties. (Oh the afterparties!) WE are the New York art world, though we do travel, so we’re really everywhere.

Every Friday, we post things in “Overheard in the Art World.” #OHAW Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

“‘The Annunciation;’ I don’t get it.  Where’s Jesus?
— In the Uffizi Gallery, Florence

“If he has not been to an event before, maybe he is a hick or even worse a gold digger who sees you as his passport to the highbrow world of New York art society.”
— on the streets of the Chelsea gallery district

“Her jumper looks like a garbage bag.”
— Art in General 30th Anniversary Gala

“I have studios all over the world, but in Greece, I am an amateur!”
— artist Brice Marden at his opening

Girl #1: “Damn, you’re like an art man magnet”
Girl #2: “Yeah, a magnet for art men in therapy”
— Afterparty @ Mister H’s Mondrian Soho

Man: “I hope he comes with us!”
Man’s Friend: “You have a husband!”
Man: “I know, but he said he used to be in the  Navy!!”
— Leaving Art in General Benefit Afterparty

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