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(Image Courtesy of The European Graduate School)

Bringing together renowned philosophers, critical theorists, artists, and practitioners, The European Graduate School supports students seeking a unique intellectual experience, helping them to achieve degrees that can serve them in higher education, the arts, media, and other cultural sectors.

The EGS explores art practice and critical thinking throughout innovative, cross-disciplinary programs that assemble some of the most distinguished thinkers, critical theorists and artists in the world. Offering both individual seminars and degree programs in intensive formats, EGS enables professionals to pursue their careers while undertaking advanced study at the highest level.

Register now for the August session in Switzerland. It opens with a three-day seminar on Black Thought: Physics, Poetics, and Sociology taught by esteemed writers and scholars Fred Moten, Denise Ferreira da Silva, Stefano Harney, and Manthia Diawara. As part of this session, EGS will also shepherd the presentation of a major engineering and design feat: Robert Brewer Young’s “three-dollar,” conservatory quality violin.

In the seminar that hosts this event, students will be invited to build this violin for themselves, taking part in an actual assemblage workshop, while constructively approaching the philosophy of geometry and design, as well as the contemporary meaning of craft.

The EGS’s October session in Malta will feature a colloquium on Alternative Economic and Ecological Thought with a team of six faculty. Seminars on Surrealism, Music, Theater, Human Rights, and more will also be directed by Angela Davis, Jean-Luc Nancy, Keller Easterling, Achille Mbembe, and Peter Weibel, among others. Read more about our faculty here.

Applications are accepted through our online portal here.  For more information, visit

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