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The Wisdom of The Sopranos 14 Years Later

“The impossibility of reforming Tony [Soprano] bears some resemblance to the crisis plaguing museums and toxic philanthropy today, where a culture of bullying and exploitation belies programming of socially- and politically-engaged art.”

Jack Sjogren

Jack Sjogren is a cartoonist and illustrator in LA pouring his soul into butt jokes. For more heart-wrenching silliness, visit

One reply on “What’s Luck Got to Do With Being Good at Art?”

  1. Ha ha. funny! I’ve had so many people say “iIwish I could draw, but i can’t even draw a straight line.” Me neither, I would use a ruler . The other thing people say is ” oh it must be wonderful to be able to make art—-it must be so relaxing”. What?

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