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| The San Francisco Board of Education voted on Tuesday night to conceal, but not destroy, “The Life of George Washington” mural at George Washington High School. The 4-to-3 vote came after more than a month of intense debating between students, parents, faculty, alumni, city officials, and the public. Some had complained that an earlier vote to paint over the murals qualified as extreme censorship; others said that the murals posed an undue burden on Native American and African American students attending the school who went out of their way to avoid the paintings. Neither side of the argument was completely satisfied with the close vote. Read our earlier piece here.

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One reply on “Controversial San Francisco Mural Will Be Preserved, But Hidden”

  1. No history or art should be destroyed because it shows what happened or how people/the artist felt at the time of painting… BUT neither should grossly upsetting works be displayed so in this case the covering of the work is the right thing to do.

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