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(Image Courtesy of Daphne Arthur)

Daphne Arthur is a multidisciplinary artist whose work proposes ways of rethinking traditional compositions and framing devices of individuals, casting them in ways they are not normally perceived. Her practice explores unauthorized migration, criminal justice, the aftermath of development, and transnational political imaginaries in South America, North America, and the Caribbean.

Appearance of the Jeweled Lotus is a 10′ x 15′ floor installation of the world map created by 1,000 uniquely handmade polymer clay flowers that are given away to audience members. Each flower is an imaginative rendition of flora that exist in the world, capturing the diversity seen throughout Arthur’s travels. A colorful spectrum of seductive beauty creatively immerses a contemplative and subtle acuteness of hope, urging to reconnect to nature as the indelible source of our physical consciousness that harmoniously resonates with the invisible universe. This work made its debut at The First Global Radical Relevances Conference in Finland in 2018; the final version of this interactive, public piece takes place on the boardwalk of Beach 70th street, in Far Rockaway next Saturday, August 31st at 2 pm.

In this last intervention, Arthur aspires to reach and connect to as many individuals to spread a message of love and compassion. One thousand individuals will forever be universally interconnected. The shifting forms of the installation metaphorically illustrate our interaction with space and time, always in a state of flux and rebirth.

The final installation of Jeweled Lotus will take place on Saturday, August 31, at 2 pm at Beach 70th Street, Far Rockaway, NYC 11692. Follow Daphne Arthur on Instagram @daphnearthurart.

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