Graffiti Writer Gets Pwnd by Marc Jacobs

The graff pic tweeted by @therealkidult and the Marc Jacobs tee via @MarcJacobsIntl (via Twitter)

You have to wonder if something is edgy anymore if a fashion label can quickly flip the “transgression” into merchandise within a few days.

Early last week, graffiti writer Kidult expressed himself on the front of the Marc Jacobs shop in downtown Manhattan and tweeted the image with a question:

The same week the clever people at Marc Jacobs took the lemons they were handed and turned it into lemonade — yes, they created a tshirt (which retails for $689) to document the “art” on the front of their store:

While Kidult is obviously not happy, the people at Jacobs clearly came out on top … and strangely the tshirt fits perfectly into the brand’s taste for tongue-in-cheek self-criticality.

Btw, now another site has just gone meta with the whole thing and produced their own tshirt of the tshirt … and their version retails for only $35.

Kidult’s Twitter page proclaims that the “Revolution will not be Televised” but it does appear to be prone to merchandising.

h/t Henry Chalian


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