Apologies to What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

David Byrne backtracked on his blog about his statement that Biesenbach told him that Lady Gaga wasn’t an artist … but the reason doesn’t seem clear:

“In that entry I quoted a MoMA curator without fact checking or asking permission — I’m learning journalism the hard way. Klaus Biesenbach wrote, correcting me, ‘Of course Lady Gaga is an artist.’ He also wrote that he hopes to work with her someday.”

So … Biesenbach didn’t say that Gaga wasn’t an artist or is he having second thoughts? Did the Haus of Gaga get to him? So many questions but the bigger question is: Is Lady Gaga a GOOD or GREAT artist?

If you don’t know the Whatever Happened to Baby Jane reference, watch this (03:03 specifically) — p.u.r.e. c.a.m.p. g.o.l.d.

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Hrag Vartanian

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5 replies on “Klaus Biesenbach Responds “… Lady Gaga is an artist””

    1. I wish it didn’t but I’m afraid we’re going to hear this whole highbrow/lowbrow debate more and more … nature of an expanding art world and increased mass interest in the field of art.

      1. Yeah highbrow/lowbrow debate, expanding art world, yadda yadda. I get it. But this is literally a “he said she said” … oh whatever. I guess its funny.

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