Klaus Biesenbach Responds “… Lady Gaga is an artist”

Apologies to What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

David Byrne backtracked on his blog about his statement that Biesenbach told him that Lady Gaga wasn’t an artist … but the reason doesn’t seem clear:

“In that entry I quoted a MoMA curator without fact checking or asking permission — I’m learning journalism the hard way. Klaus Biesenbach wrote, correcting me, ‘Of course Lady Gaga is an artist.’ He also wrote that he hopes to work with her someday.”

So … Biesenbach didn’t say that Gaga wasn’t an artist or is he having second thoughts? Did the Haus of Gaga get to him? So many questions but the bigger question is: Is Lady Gaga a GOOD or GREAT artist?

If you don’t know the Whatever Happened to Baby Jane reference, watch this (03:03 specifically) — p.u.r.e. c.a.m.p. g.o.l.d.

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