Ends Today: A Kickstarter to Tell LA’s Creative Stories

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles, like New York, is a city of migrants. You move to LA in search of something.  For many people, that’s Hollywood or the music business; for others, it’s the city’s growing art scene. In makeshift studios and homes across the city, artists and creatives are working hard to make it here in the city.

"Punk Rock Economics" — a page from Iris Porter's DIY in Portland book.

Artist and writer Iris Porter is aiming to capture those stories. Her new book, DIYinLAX, looks at community and creativity in the City of Angels. Described as “a cultural study of Los Angeles, California,” her book tries to get at “why people don’t quiet their daydreams.”  Already lined up for interviews are LA art staples like Wendy Yao and Andrea Zittel.

This is Porter’s third book on the subject. Her previous editions, looking at creative communities in Halifax and Portland, raised money via traditional offline fundraising platforms. This time, she’s using Kickstarter to raise $8,000 to support her research and publication efforts, and she’s now at $6,388.

The project ends TODAY at 6:35 pm EDT (3:35 pm for Angelenos), so please consider backing it.  A pledge of just $25 gets you a copy of the book.

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