The new DPRK web site features Kim Il Sung, the (late) Eternal President of the Republic and his admirers.

LOS ANGELES — North Korea has a new website. And as far as I can tell, it’s not a parody. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has officially launched their new English-language site, and what a sight it is.

Here’s what Charlie Custer at Tech in Asia had to say:

“It’s not clear where the site was designed, and a WHOIS lookup returns the true owner of the domain has been concealed, though it appears the site is currently hosted in Denmark. Although it is apparently the official English-language website of the North Korean government, it is connected with and seemingly operated by the Korean Friendship Association, a sort of international fan club for North Korea that anyone can join.”

Nothing says North Korean power like a flower show that showcases missiles and handguns in the floral arrangements. (via

The site is a treasure trove of traditional Communist propaganda in the 21st century. Behold the music section, with enough mp3’s to create an iTunes playlist with hits like “I Love My Motherland” and “Raise Your Weapons to Wave the Supreme Commander” (I’m waiting for the remix). The visually inclined will enjoy the architecture and photo galleries, offering a glimpse at the Arch of Triumph and Juche Tower.  Learn more about the national flower, the magnolia (and its offshoot, the Kimjongilia) and order traditional propaganda from the online store. The site is detailed and descriptive, with enough photos, text and music to paint a rosy picture of the infamously secretive nation.

Nothing says grand like sculptures at the Korean People’s Study House (via

Convinced you’ve found your next summer break destination? The tourism section offers packaged tours in anticipation of the Arirang mass games. But before you go, just be sure to brush up on an alternative perspective of life inside.

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  1. Oh no. I just visited the site and tried to exit via the giftshop, but got the following error.

    You don’t have permission to access /shop/ on this server.”
    No surprises there I guess

  2. This is hilarious/amazing. Also “Kimjongilia” sounds like a name for North Korean genitalia.

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