The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) has just announced an exciting plan: it will offer two fellowships specifically for social media artists. Even more surprisingly, the endeavor is being made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Both fellowships will run for six weeks at the center, where all visiting artists receive a bedroom, studio and three meals a day. In addition, the social media fellows will each get a $2,000 stipend. Artists are not limited to specific platforms; the only requirements are that the finished work be presented and fully accessible on the web.

Asked how the center plans to present the fellows’ final work, VCCA Program Director Craig Pleasants told Hyperallergic that plans are still in the works:

“My vision or supposition at this stage is that there will be a microsite on the VVCA website, which becomes an online outlet. It’s not going to be for showing stuff so much as for experiencing it. I’m imagining that this is going be an interactive experience. That’s the kind of artists we’re looking for.”

Pleasants added that the center hopes to make this an ongoing project, but it will depend on further funding.

And if they’re looking for suggestions for social media artists, we humbly suggest they check out our exhibition from two years ago, #TheSocialGraph.

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