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Facing Protests, Ford Foundation President Reasserts Organization’s Commitment to Ending Mass Incarceration

Ford Foundation President Darren Walker has published a response to New York City’s criminal justice reform community, which is organizing the protest at the Ford Foundation today. He writes: “The Ford Foundation is unwavering in its commitment to ending mass incarceration. We envision a world where people are not locked up in cages, treated inhumanely, and stripped of their dignity. To work toward this goal we support a range of initiatives and organizations working to eradicate the harmful footprint of mass incarceration and protect and promote the humanity and dignity of all people.” He adds a personal note, “As a black man with many family members who have been ensnared in the system, I know, personally, that the distance between justice and injustice is perilously, painfully short—especially as a result of entrenched discrimination and economic inequality. I am proud of our work—all of it—to reform a discriminatory system that treats millions of people so unfairly.”

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