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Will social media art go mainstream? Come discuss this week on the Hyperallergic Facebook page.

Just as social media has quickly gone mainstream, we’re starting to see the mainstream art world take notice of what is being called “social media art.”

I’m currently writing a survey of social media art’s (brief!) history for Hyperallergic that will help capture this interesting moment in time which is witnessing a volatile mixture of art, culture, and new technology.

As part of my research, I’ve invited a number of contemporary social media artists to a roundtable discussion.  Apropos of the subject, I decided to experiment with an online format so we will be using the Hyperallergic Facebook page.

The discussion will center around a few questions, which I’ll be asking over the course of this week, and they commence Tuesday, April 12 at noon EST.

Although we’ll have the following participants tagged as part of the discussion, everyone is welcome to contribute or tune in:

Representatives of @Platea (the social media art collective I founded and currently direct)

  • Jonny Gray: A professor at SIU Carbondale, iPhone performance artist and director of the art collective BAR Corporation;
  • Joanie San Chirico: Director and founder of pFAN, a professional network for artists, and a current 1stfans artist; and
  • Jennifer Ng: A blogger, web editor, freelance translator and writer based in Lugano, Switzerland.

I’m looking forward to the conversation.

AX Mina (aka An Xiao Mina) is an author, artist and futures thinker who follows her curiosity. She co-produces Five and Nine, a podcast about magic, work and economic justice. 

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  1. It’s really incredible to see such a full, well edited and focused conversation going on through Facebook. These mass social networking tools are all well and good, but when the structures are really taken advantage of and used, the possibilities are endless.

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