Bangin’ Haring Baby Bib

Keith Haring ripped by Bumkins
Keith Haring Baby Bibs by Bumbkins. (image from JollyMom.com)

Walking through a Duane Reade the other day looking for a snack, I stumbled across this Keith Haring Baby Bib by Bumkins:

Introduce baby to the zany and wonderful world of Keith Haring through the new line of products from Bumkins! Colorful and spirited, our new designs inspire creativity, love and understanding through the fluid, universal language of drawing. Keith Haring believed that art was truly for everyone and now with Bumkins you too can help show this visionary’s work to the world!

Keith Haring, "Radiant Baby"
Keith Haring, "Radiant Baby"

I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of a politically-leaning street artist from the 1980s being appropriated onto a baby bib for overly doting mothers. Although I assumed in the store that this product was made without permission from the Keith Haring Foundation, I found a site suggesting that it was used with permission here.

Keith Haring baby crib, "November 18, 1981"
Keith Haring baby crib, "November 18, 1981"

I suppose Haring did really love babies, we at Hyperallergic remembered our Tumblr post about Haring’s very own custom crib (above), the obvious selection for any north Brooklyn mom looking for hipster baby furniture after having their baby at Woodhull Hospital with the Haring mural (pictured below). Haring once said, “what I like about children is their imagination. It’s a combination of honest and freedom they seem to have in expressing whatever is on their minds – and the fact that they have a really sophisticated sense of humor,” here. Now the babies can have a really sophisticated bib too.

Keith Haring mural at Woodhull Hospital
Keith Haring mural at Woodhull Hospital in Williamsburg. (photo via flickr.com/hragvartanian)
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