YouTube Users Visualized

There are two entertaining things about watching YouTube videos. The first is the video itself, whether that be a cat playing a keyboard or a musician singing a new tune. The second is the comments and the amazing amount of likes, dislikes and random jabber that appear, especially beneath the most popular videos.

Apparently, there are no helpful critics on YouTube. Who knew?

A post on New Media Rockstars turned me on to this great series of infographics about people who watch YouTube videos. There is, of course, the troll, who has “special glasses that help identify which commenter to degrade next” and red wrists sore from all the negative spew. The super fan, on the other hand, suffers hair damage “from excessive pulling due to over excitement.” She totes a fan poster just in case she meets the object of her obsession, who will obviously sign it for her.

The illustrations are cute and clever and really get at the different tropes and personalities of YouTube users, which are a peculiar beast you won’t find on other video-hosting sites like Vimeo. Yet everyone knows and has come across someone like them — people who seem to live exclusively off the joys of YouTube and its much vaunted commenting system. So be sure to print out these images, tack them on the wall and keep an eye out. Trolls, creepers and super fans are lurking just around the next video.

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