Clockwise from left: World leaders in front of Nuclear Security Summit logo; logo fo the Int’l Atomic Energy Agency; the Islamic star & crescent; Pac-Man eating a pellet; and the logo of the Atomic Energy Commission (click to enlarge)

In what can only be described as a case of visual illiteracy, Christopher Knight of the Los Angeles Times dissects the claim by some people on the wacky right that the logo of the recent Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, is coded with Islamic imagery. No, you didn’t read that wrong.

First we had a Republican President who couldn’t pronounce the word nuclear and now we have Republican-friendly pundits that go insane deciphering a logo that accompanies the word.

Blogging on Culture Monster, Knight explains how ridiculous people at the New York Post, Free Republic, and Fox & Friends have been yesterday. This triumvirate of idiocy have been peddling a conspiracy theory about the summit logo and frankly, it’s just ridiculous.

According to chief illiterate Michael Goodwin of the New York Post:

No, I am not suggesting President Obama is a secret Muslim. [Though, I really want to.] But I am certain the crescent-like design of the logo is not a coincidence, especially at an event where Iran’s nuclear ambition and al Qaeda’s search for a bomb are prime topics.

Thankfully, Knight takes him and the other wackos down.

Personally, I think it looks like Pac-Man, isn’t that a pac-dot on the top left of the logo? … OMG, is Obama a secret tech geek?!?!

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8 replies on “Graphic Design Insanity Over Nuclear Summit Logo”

  1. Hmm, looks to me like the Russians secretly intend to bomb Greenland by sending their missiles the long way round.

    1. I love your interpretation but I’m surprised no one had floated the theory yet that Pac-Man was a secret Muslim trying to convert children in video arcades.

  2. I think it’s a stylized @ symbol and the folks at MOMA should be upset. If we combine mine (the @) with yours (the pac-dot) and the fact that Obama gave Leonard Nimoy the Live Long & Prosper sign once, I think we have a serious argument for secret tech geek. Yeah.

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