Dresden Police Offer €500,000 for Information About Royal Palace Heist

Police in Dresden are offering a €500,000 (~$550,000) reward for information about the heist in Dresden’s Royal Palace last week, in which thieves stole a trove of 18th-century jewelry with an estimated worth up to €1 billion (~$1.1 billion). 

The prize will go to anyone providing information which could lead to the capture of the thieves or the recovery of the stolen items, according to reports in the German media.

“We will stop at nothing to solve this case,” said the president of Saxony police, Horst Kretzschmar, and chief prosecutor, Klaus Roevekamp, in a joint statement on November 28. “By offering a reward of half a million euros for clues that lead to catching the perpetrators who broke into the Green Vault in Dresden on Monday, the investigators … are taking a further important step in bringing back the stolen items and catching those responsible.”

Surveillance footage released last week shows two men breaking into the Royal Palace’s “Green Vault” with an axe, but authorities say that more people might be involved in the heist. The thieves, who left behind no traces except for a burned Audi car, are still on the loose.

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