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Having just been to Eyebeam Art + Technology Center for an #ArtsTech meetup and a conversation between Nato Thompson and Not an Alternative, I was excited to see a Kickstarter announcing their goal in Expanding Eyebeam’s Public Presence in Chelsea.

I spoke very briefly with Roddy Schrock, Associate Director of Programs and Residencies at Eyebeam, to learn a little more about what is being planned. “The impetus for this project is that we have a great online interface, but we want to improve our physical presence with the public.” Most of Eyebeam’s resources go directly to their fellows and resident artists, making these positions highly sought after. “We have a huge main space that can swallow shows and guests, we want to provide our residents and fellows a more intimate space to connect with the public.”

The new area will be re-built and designed by Volido Studios, incorporate furniture partially designed by Caroline Woolard, one of Eyebeam’s current Fellows, a pop-up coffee shop, a bookshop with space to lounge, read and use free wifi, house exhibitions and other public programming that Eyebeam is famous for. Who doesn’t want a refuge with books and a place to sit down after the trek through Chelsea’s innumerable galleries?

The critical need behind Eyebeam’s Kickstarter campaign comes from their being on a year by year lease of the space, deeming them unable to receive larger foundational grant money for this type of expansion. So, in keeping with Eyebeam’s ethos to open up their doors to innovation and a greater public, they are relying on our support. I am personally donating $25 to receive “an original copy of the Special Edition of either the New York Post or the New York Times made by Eyebeam alum Steve Lambert, Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men” which, my enthusiasm for Eyebeam’s mission and expansion aside, is totally worth it.

You can check out their project on Hyperallergic’s Kickstarter page.

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Ben Valentine

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