Prinstagram’s “Memory Box” collects all the photos you’ve ever posted onto Instagram.

LOS ANGELES — Ever since Instagram sold for a cool billion and opened up to Android, its service has only grown in popularity. In my own personal experience, I’ve met more and more people using Instagram, from artists and designers to lawyers and accountants. It’s a catchy, easy to use social network. But alongside Instagram, I’ve also been watching the rise of Lomography stores and film cameras. Mainstream outlets like Urban Outfitters feature a host of film cameras, reviving a practice that I was once convinced would go the way of the Dodo bird.

How to resolve this? I recently stumbled across two services that turn those neat Instagram photos into print images. Printstagram is a popular contender, with simple Polaroid-style prints that take advantage of the square format, to a memory box consisting of “all the photos you have ever taken on Instagram.” It offers a bevy of other options, from t-shirts to posters to a “tiny book” of collected images.

And if you’re looking for a more substantial print book, look no further than Instagram Books. As a recent post on Swissmiss pointed out, “The fact, that anyone (with a computer and internet connection) can create books on the fly, is simply amazing.” What’s more amazing, in my mind, is that in a world awash with digital media, we’re still finding ways to create analogue media in their wake.

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