On Wednesday, January 15, two prominent Philadelphia officials, Mayor Jim Kenney and City Council President Darrell L. Clarke, joined the calls on the PMA to review its sexual harassment policy. Both hold ex officio positions on the museum’s board.

“The [Kenney] Administration did express to PMA leadership that it should review and strengthen its policies regarding anti-fraternization and sexual harassment, and require training for all staff,” a spokesperson on behalf of the mayor told the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Mayor’s office did not comment on PMA’s handling of the case saying it’s not familiar with the specific circumstances of the accusations.

A spokesperson on behalf of Clarke said that the City Council President “[A]grees with strengthening policies, providing both better training and improving means for individuals to report.”

In a statement issued this week, PMA’s CEO Timothy Rub said, “We will be engaging outside consultants to conduct a close review of our workplace environment, our policies and programs, including training activities so we understand how we can be better in the future.”

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