Irina Danilova, "Houston" (2010)

Irina Danilova, “Houston” (2010) (image via dARTboard)

The Vilcek Foundation has announced its second annual open call for computer and new-media art. Interested artists can submit online — no application fee! — for a chance to win an exhibition on the foundation’s digital art space, the dARTboard, in early 2013, and $5,000. The main condition of the prize is that artists must be born outside the US but now living and working here, in accordance with the foundation’s mission, which says it “honors and supports foreign-born scientists and artists who have made outstanding contributions to society in the United States.”

Last year’s inaugural winner was Ukrainian-born artist Irina Danilova, whose three projects on the dARTboard betray a mysterious obsession with the number 59 and include a series of City Drawings using cars, mobile phones and open-source tracking systems.

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