LOS ANGELES — Circles are endemic to the art world. Who you place in your circle — and who places you in theirs — is an act of social currency, particularly important in a world often run by social relations. But circles are also beautiful, forming iconic architecture like the Guggenheim in New York, religious imagery like Tibetan mandalas, and, of course, Kandinsky’s famous circles.

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I finally had a chance to test out Art Circles, a popular app by Art.com. When logging in, the viewer is presented with two circles: curators on the left side and collections on the other.

Flick your finger, and you might land on the collection of Elizabeth Lindsey, an Explorer at the National Geographic Society. Lindsey’s Ku’ulani collections features stunning photos of nature. Other collections include curated selections from the likes of John Maeda, Yves Behar and others.

Other circles include works organized by words, texture and, my favorite, color.  The jacinthe collection features a “vibrant shade of orange that infuses the passion of red with the happiness of yellow.” Joan Miró’s L’Oisauau Plumage Deploye and Leonetto Capiello’s Absinthe make an appearance, showing just how effectively the color can be applied to a composition.

Viewing the art work in detail lets you also order a reproduction for your home.

Though the app can clearly help Art.com’s business of art reproductions, Art Circles is a super useful app for inspiration, and I’d like to see more. It’s easy for users to create their own collections, but it would be great to make it possible to view those collections. And I’d love to see a wider variety of collections, organized, perhaps, by geographic region, subject matter and other themes.

Overall, however, the app is a great start, and it’s free.  I recommend checking it out and giving it, well, a whirl.

You can download Art.com’s Art Circles here.

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