Maria Snoeys-Lagler with Will Smith (all images by Snoeys-Lagler via Opnieuw & Co.)

Employees of the Belgian thrift shop Opnieuw & Co. recently found a curious item which caught the attention of the world after they posted pictures of it on their Facebook page. An old album with a flowery cover contained pages upon pages of photos featuring a woman with some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, Denzel Washington, Hugh Grant, Meg Ryan, Will Smith, the list goes on and on. The fashion and ages of certain figures clearly date the photos as being taken during the ’90s. The mystery woman turned out to be not a super fan, but journalist Maria Snoeys-Lagler.

With Keanu Reeves

The celebrities in the snapshots run the gamut from A-list actors to entire casts of hit TV shows. Bruce Willis looks solemnly at the camera as Snoeys-Lagler similarly hides her smile. Patrick Stewart looks dapper in a tweed sport coat. Harrison Ford wears his signature half-smirk. Steven Spielberg looks as if he was caught off-guard. Sam Neill and Robert Downey Jr. stand on either side of Snoeys-Lagler in one picture, and in another she’s sandwiched between Kevin Bacon and a goateed Tom Hanks. She also snapped photos with Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp in their long-haired youth.

With Harrison Ford

With Denzel Washington

According to the New York Post, Snoeys-Lagler was a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), international the journalist organization best-known for giving out the Golden Globes. Although it’s not certain which publication she once worked for, as part of the HFPA, she would have had frequent chances to meet and greet celebrities and take pictures with them. Snoeys-Lagler died in 2016 at 87. It’s unknown at this time how her photo album ended up with Opnieuw & Co. According to the Post, the store is planning to send the album to her daughter in California.

With Kevin Bacon and Tom Hanks

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