Hyperallergic has been bolstering its film coverage in recent years. Now the site is recognized alongside the rest of the film criticism community by one of its most visible linchpins, Rotten Tomatoes. The full backlog of Hyperallergic’s film reviews has been added to the site, and each new review will count toward the famous “Tomatometer” going forward.

The site takes into account reviews from everything from mainstream media outlets like the New York Times or the Washington Post to film specialty publications like Cinema Scope and Film Comment. Tomatometer scores, calculated based on the ratio of positive to negative reviews, can drastically affect how audience’s perceive movies, and even whether they’ll see them. The impact is not too drastic for blockbusters, but for smaller films, the aggregate can be crucial to their success or failure.

This link will bolster our aim to bring audience’s attention to films which may otherwise go overlooked. Hyperallergic currently has one of only a few RT reviews — if not the sole reviews — for films like Angela’s Diaries (the only review), Common Carrier (the only review), and Chung Kuo, Cina (one of just two reviews). No matter what, we will continue to be a home for unique, informed opinion on cinema, along with all the other arts.

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