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From Cunningham (courtesy Dogwoof)

Last year, to celebrate Merce Cunningham‘s centenary, the documentary Cunningham not only provided a rough biography, but also illustrated the revered choreographer’s techniques by staging selections from his most well-known pieces in 3D. The film is now coming to home media, and Hyperallergic has an exclusive, behind-the-scenes, special feature from the DVD release.

In the clip, “Anatomy of Creating ‘Summerspace,’” director Alla Kovgan talks about the process of executing the famous performance, from recreating the Rauschenberg-designed costumes to optimizing the camera placement for dynamic capture. It’s the best sequence in the film, the dot aesthetic working perfectly with the 3D visuals.

Cunningham will be available on digital and DVD (in 2D) on March 24.

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