Overheard in the Art World

Salvador Dali, “Lobster telephone [Aphrodisiac telephone]” (1936) (via nga.gov.au)
We’re in Soho on Tuesdays, the Lower East Side on Wednesdays, Chelsea on Thursdays. We go to openings, art fairs, auctions, performances, lectures, galas, member events, after-parties. (Oh the afterparties!) WE are the New York Art World, though we do travel, so we’re really everywhere.

Every Friday (or so), we post things “Overheard in the Art World.” #OHAW Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

This week we overheard a few things at a subdued 2012 Chelsea Art Walk, the artworld continued to talk about Dietch while carrying its tote bags and we found out people are over Christian Marclay’s “The Clock.” (I mean it has been 2 years.) But our favorite “overheards” came from the twitterverse (make sure you Hashtag — #OHAW — tweeples!).

“I’m so sick of hearing about Marclay’s damn clock; just go to MoMA already.”
—overheard at Nicole Klagsburn Gallery

“Have you read any of these articles about MOCA? What a catastrophe!”
—overheard in 535 West 22nd Street elevator

“I must have seen this one somewhere before.”
—overheard by the Sherrie Levine piece in Sex and Philosophy exhibition at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

“Look at this piece, it’s  like one of those weird born again Christian things.”
—overheard at DC Moore’s Beast of Revolution

“Note to self: galleries don’t serve wine on the Chelsea Art Walk night.”
—overheard in 535 West 22nd hallway

“You know, the art world is all about the tote.”
—overheard on the Chelsea Art Walk streets

“Q: How many performance artists does it take to change a light bulb? A: I don’t know. I didn’t stay til the end.”
—overheard on Twitter via @cmonstah (God, bless you twitter)

And then some juicy Deitch/MOCA-related slaps and tidbits via the little birdie called Twitter:

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