Syrian Sculptor, Wael Kaston, Is Reported to Have Been Tortured and Killed

The stories of tragedy continue to roll out of Syria and though some have been disproven, or are highly doubted as Western propaganda, many are certainly true and now we learn of the death of the Syrian sculptor, Wael Issa Kaston, 46, who was killed earlier this week in Homs, Syria, under what is believed to have been torture by the Syrian government.

Wael Kaston (via

A native of the village of Marmarita, in the “Valley of the Christians,” his death was mourned by residents of his village and numerous surrounding settlements. According to the news that was disseminated on PR Web by the US-based Syrian Expatriate Organization:

“Kaston was detained in a secret force branch in Homs, and died under torture. His family received his body from the military hospital in Homs.”

Al-Hayat published an AFP report that says that a Facebook message about the artist’s death also mentioned torture as the source of his death.

Kaston’s work, according to Al-Arabiya, centered on the portrayal of women, those some of said it focused on “freedom of women.”

According the Syrian Expatriate Organization:

“[Kaston] once said in an interview that ‘he would not prefer to work with ‘stone’ but loves ‘mud’ and ‘wood’. The first is the human-being because we emerge from mud, and will end in mud; and the ‘wood’ because it is the closest to us, born gently, reach adolescence vigorously, die wisely … ‘

The sculptor had participated in many gallery shows in Homs and Marmarita.

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