Be Still Life Zoom drawing session (all images courtesy Anna Breininger and Kristin Cammermeyer)

Two years ago, Anna Breininger and Kristin Cammermeyer began hosting still life drawing sessions with other artists. “In a climate in which we are inundated with information and over-scheduled, we thought it imperative to create a space to decompress from our anxieties,” Breininger and Cammermeyer told Hyperallergic over email.

What began as a gathering in an artist studio soon expanded to larger settings, such as the Other Places Art Fair, Spring/Break Art Show, various Los Angeles art galleries, and even a casual session at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park. The two artists call these events Be Still Life Drawing Sessions.

Now seems like a great time to “be still” with a pencil and paper, to find purpose and solace through drawing. During the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine period, Breininger and Cammermeyer will be hosting their drawing sessions via Zoom every Sunday at 12pm (PDT). “The project is bringing people a lot of joy and stress relief,” the artists reflected after having already hosted two sessions.

Zoom meeting view for Be Still Life Drawing Session

For the Zoom session, Cammermeyer sets up a large still life in her studio and focuses in on different details. In an in-person session, participants would normally build the still life collaboratively; since that isn’t possible, online participants are also welcome to set up their own still lifes to give them more choice. That said, Cammermeyer’s most recent setup looks like a lot of fun, bursting with color and eclectic props like ceramic cats and dolphins. While the artists generally like to incorporate flowers into the still lifes, they’ve veered away from purchasing these and are instead “incorporating living plants and foods that can be utilized post-session.” After the session, participants are welcome to share the images of their drawings to be posted on Be Still Life‘s Instagram.

Anna Breininger’s Zoom drawing

If you wish to participate in the upcoming Sunday, April 5 session (or any other future session), direct message Be Still Life on Instagram with your email address and they’ll send you the link to the drawing session. Be Still Life is also encouraging participants who can afford it to donate $5–10 to a charity of their choice per session.

When: Sunday, April 5, 12pm (PDT), and every future Sunday during quarantine
Where: Zoom (direct message BeStillLife_LA for instructions)

More info at BeStillLife_LA

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