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We’re in Soho on Tuesdays, the Lower East Side on Wednesdays, Chelsea on Thursdays. We go to openings, art fairs, auctions, performances, lectures, galas, member events, after-parties. (Oh the afterparties!) WE are the New York Art World, though we do travel, so we’re really everywhere.

Every Friday (or so), we post things “Overheard in the Art World.” #OHAW Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

This week we wandered through NADA Hudson and a few museums to examine the man’s handy work and to learn that not all the employees know what’s happening upstairs.

‘Hi Jack!’ is that like ‘hijack’ or ‘Hi Jack’?
—overheard in reference to HiJack! opening at Jack Shainman Gallery.

New Museum Cafe Customer: So is there anything you think I should check out here?
Barista: I’ve never seen anything upstairs.
—overheard at New Museum Cafe

Man to woman: It was probably a circumcision that went wrong.
—overheard in Greek sanctuary at the Metropolitan Museum

Viewer 1: I love the way that art brings up memories I haven’t remembered for a while. Like these disco ball works [Otto Piene’s “Light Ballet” (1961) and “Hangende Lichkugel” (1972)], they remind me of this one night when I got drunk at a nightclub that no longer exists. A disco ball fell from the ceiling into the middle of the dance floor …  So I sat on it … and began rubbing my bum all over it … like a lap dance but on a disco ball. A crowd formed and the bouncer had to make me stop.
—overheard at New Museum

I don’t know if I’m joking or not anymore.
—NADA Hudson 2012

Do you want a fear, a hope or a dollar?
—NADA Hudson 2012

Q: How can you tell if someone is in the art world?
A: Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.
—overheard in Charlotte, NC spoken by a wannabe New York art worlder

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