A fall 2019 workshop with Mark Lecky for the Critical Practices Program, which was curated by Raed Yassin (image courtesy Onassis AiR)

Onassis AiR, an international artistic research residency based in Athens, invites applicants to submit proposals for its 2020–21 Open Call. The Infinite Rehearsal in Four Movements (inspired by the title of a Wilson Harris novel) is conceived as a collective program focused on identities and ecologies, two topics Onassis AiR finds urgent to explore in its second year of existence.

The program welcomes a wide variety of practitioners, including artists, curators, designers, activists, collectives, filmmakers, educators who defy the marketable academic establishments, lawyers, performance makers, economists, agitators of institutional models, philosophers, and anyone else interested in communal exploration.

Five to six residents will be placed in one of four Movement Groups, each of which will engage in a collective “rehearsal.” Participants will bring their own “instrument” in the form of their existing practice that clearly engages with one of the research topic areas in a radical way.

The four movements comprising the 2020/21 season are listed below.

Fall 2020: Identities Annihilated | Movements I & II
(convened by
Hypatia Vourloumis)

  • Movement I: September 14–October 25, 2020
  • Movement II: November 2–December 13, 2020

Spring 2021: Everything Equally Evolved | Movements III & IV
(convened by James Bridle)

  • Movement III: February 17–March 31, 2021
  • Movement IV: April 7–May 19, 2021

The deadline for applications for The School of Infinite Rehearsals is April 24, 2020, 17:00 EET (11:00 EST). To learn more and apply, visit onassis.org/open-calls.