William Kentridge, “Untitled (Man with Megaphone)” (1998), etching, aquatint, drypoint, and engraving with roulette and crayon additions, MoMA (via arttattler.com)

We’re in Soho on Tuesdays, the Lower East Side on Wednesdays, Chelsea on Thursdays. We go to openings, art fairs, auctions, [and this week, watch shitty reality television,] performances, lectures, galas, member events, after-parties. (Oh the afterparties!) WE are the New York Art World, though we do travel, so we’re really everywhere.

Every Friday (or so), we post things “Overheard in the Art World.” #OHAW Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

This week, the art world is at a crawl but that’s not to say there wasn’t chatter about STDs, sandcastles in Rockaway and a new art world (wanna-be) sensation, Gallery Girls.

“I would take a STD from him, he’s hot!”
—overheard on the streets of Chelsea

“Um, I thought the show was a joke until I saw the shot and a slap bit”

—overheard at White Box about Gallery Girls

“I didn’t watch it. And I’m sure it sucked, but why the fuck wasn’t I invited to the premiere party?”
—overheard at a private dealer’s house party regarding Gallery Girls

“I never thought I’d think Works of Art was a better show than anything.”
—overheard at a private dealer’s house party

“We don’t have ugly people in the art world.”
—overheard at Storefront for Art & Architecture panel discussion

“Having sex with a condom is way safer than blowing someone, thank you.”
—overheard at post-opening dinner

“I know how I’d do this differently.”
—overheard at Creative Time’s Sandcastle competition on Rockaway Beach

“It’s fucking contemporary artists, what did you expect?!”
—overheard at Creative Time’s Sandcastle competition on Rockaway Beach

“Hey it’s art, everyone’s a winner!”
—overheard at Creative Time’s Sandcastle competition on Rockaway Beach

“Why do people care so much what Kyle DeWoody thinks? Is she a curator?”
—overheard at Creative Time’s Sandcastle competition on Rockaway Beach

And the Twitterverse on Gallery Girls:


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