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Burning Man is a venue to let your freak flag fly, but it has also become a venue for alternative visions of the world to congeal in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Artist Otto Von Danger (aka Otto Ewen) has created “The Burn Wall Street Project” at this year’s Burning Man. His creation is dominated by five building surrounding Zuccotti Park (actually, he named it Tecate Park, after the Mexican beer), the birthplace of Occupy Wall Street, and each is named for a financial insitution: “Bank of Un-America,” “Merrill Lynched,” “Goldman Sucks,” and “Chaos Manhattan.”

You can watch the artist explain his creation in a YouTube video, which gives you all the delicious details, including descriptions of the intended murals and a replica of the US constitution. Von Danger tries to position himself as a neither right or left and he creates a false equivalency between Occupy Wall Street, which was a ground swell of activism, with the Tea Party, which was corporate funded, but the sentiment is definitely something we can all relate to.

Von Danger explains that the project cost $100,000 to create and he amassed quite a crew to pull it off. It must have been quite a site to behold when it burned.

Before the fire (image via

The Burning Blog has more details on the project.

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

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  1. Hrag, I expected more from you. This “creation” is like jerking off
    instead of having real sex! Oooh, burn a mock up a building safely in
    the middle of a desert for entertainment! that cost $100,000… And I am NOT suggesting to burn anything down just to be clear.
    “WOW” “Fuck Yeah”…. And everything is better now.

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