NOMA’s flooded sculpture garden after Hurricane Isaac (courtesy Times Picayune)

Over the past week, Hurricane Isaac dumped epic amounts of rain on the city of New Orleans, forcing locals to evacuate their homes. The storm also shut down many of the city’s museums. As the area recovers, cultural institutions have gradually reopened to the public, but one major museum, the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), is still shuttered.

The power was restored to the 101-year-old museum only on Sunday, September 2. The New Orleans Times Picayune reports that no artwork was damaged, including the sculpture garden that was hit during Hurricane Katrina, which is currently open to visitors, and that the grounds are being assessed for re-opening. NOMA has issued a statement reiterating that nothing was hurt. “NOMA’s collections have been examined and were determined to be in excellent condition,” it reads.

“We are working with Belfor [an emergency management company] to design a plan for opening the museum to the public,” NOMA director Susan Taylor told the Times Picayune. “I am confident that we are in excellent hands. The museum staff is working to reopen the museum as soon as possible.”

NOMA staff confirmed to Hyperallergic that they are planning to re-open to the public on next Tuesday, September 11, but representatives would not comment on the reasons for the closure or the work that still needs to be done before re-opening.

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