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Every Friday (or so), we post things “Overheard in the Art World.” #OHAW Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

This week, MoMA PS1 wrapped up it’s summer concerts and the art world emerged from it summer hiatus. While some gallerists were competing with the US Open, Madonna and #FNO, overall the art world had a grand fall debut with talks of drugs and nakedness and while mistaking an artists’ nationality for the actual name of their nation.

“You have good genes and should DEF reproduce.”
—overheard at MoMAPS1 #warmup2012 by a guy on the dance floor to girl on the dance floor

“One of the bad things about talking to gay guys all the time is you forget how to talk to straight guys.”
—overheard at Joe’s Pub performance

“I think its a recognizable image. I mean, that image of Marilyn has been used before.”
—overheard at Whitebox opening of Xi Fei

“So what’s his nation of origin? South American?”
—overheard at Whitebox opening of Xi Fei

“So many galleries these days can’t we just collectively as an art world have longer openings so we can get to them all?”
—overheard on LES streets on Wednesday night

“So many drugs, what a good life.”
—overheard at Marc Straus opening of Charles Hinman

“You haven’t seen him naked yet?”
—overheard at McKenzie Fine Art

“I mean the Artworld is pretty independent from the fashion world.”
—overheard at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery

“Does this mean the 90s are back?”
—overheard at opening of Aggro Crag at Bosi Contemporary

“Hey! I heard we’re neighbors now. We should like, share sugar and flour and stuff.”
—overheard at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery

“I should keep this cup in case they’re out at the next one. ‘You’re out of cups? Oh look I brought my own.’”
—overheard leaving McKenzie Fine Art

“Oh those Mormons!”
—overheard at Bridge gallery

“I think our cat was eyeing your sculpture.”
—overheard at Bridge gallery regarding a sculpture covered in carpet

“So is there like a checklist to get INTO this gallery??”
—overheard while walking past gallery bar on our way to real galleries.

“Hey!! You types are always out! I wish I worked at a nonprofit.”
—overheard at The Standard at the launch of LAND’s online auction

“There are two important social photographers, Patrick McMullen and … ”
—overheard at The Standard at the launch of LAND’s online auction

“Matthew [Higgs] kind of curated the show … ”
—overhead at Freidrich Petzel’s opening of The Feverish Library

“Should we go in so we’re not in the door?” (yes!!!!)
—overheard at Zach Fuer (answer: yes, f*ing move !)

“Wait — Marilyn Monroe committed suicide? When did that happen?”
overheard at MoMA

“If William married a commoner, you think Harry’s open to marrying an American??”
—overheard at Lombard Fried opening of Michael Rakowitz

“Is he part of the art … or just here for the opening?”
—visitor at the opening for Thomas Beale at Honey Space, in reference to the middle aged man walking around completely naked, with shoes and socks on

“Why did they choose to exhibit that?!”
—overheard at press preview of Doris Duke exhibition at Museum of Arts and Design

“Where is the Metropolitan Museum?”
—overheard at the corner of 79th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan

“I just don’t understand how our classy ladies day at The Met ended with me having a threesome with a leprechaun … ”
overheard on the 7 Train

Tourist 1: “This place is very nice. Lots of sculptures and paintings.”
Tourist 2: “What do you think it was?”
Tourist 1: “A library.”
—overheard at the Frick Museum

Boyfriend, in lofty, thoughtful tone: “Those vagina plates? I think are a metaphor for eating pussy.”
Girlfriend: “Wow.”
overheard at the Brooklyn Museum

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  1. overheard outside a gallery on 23rd by a guy in a suit on a cell phone. “If you love me, why do you cry every time you f*** me”

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