From “The Last Angel of History” (1996), dir. John Akomfrah, available for streaming on OVID (image courtesy Icarus Films)

Started one year ago with help from an unprecedented collaborative effort of eight noteworthy independent film distribution studios, hosts over 800 films, most of which won’t be found on any other streaming platform.  

Today, OVID works with more than 20 content partners to add 20–35 new films every month. As OVID’s collection has deepened its mission, its editorial interest has come into focus: to be the home for the best art-house, foreign language, social issue, and documentary films from around the world; cinema that tells stories — stories that connect people.

As the world begins to imagine life post-pandemic, OVID is building on the notion of “connection” by reaching out to organizations dedicated to supporting the films and filmmakers that align with their platform. OVID asked these friends and partners to hand-pick films from the collection that speak most directly to them and their communities, and they came back with a number of exciting and surprising choices.  

  1. Top Films From Hyperallergic
    Hyperallergic Documentary Editor Dan Schindel gathers a series of works expressing both sides of the political and personal split — often mixing the two. 
  2. Top Films From Cinema Tropical
    Carlos Gutiérrez of Cinema Tropical selects 11 amazing and in some cases, little known, films from Latin America.
  3. Top Films From Maysles Documentary Center
    Annie Horner and Emily Apter, programmers at Maysles Documentary Center, choose 12 diverse documentary and experimental films.
  4. Top Pan-African Films by SUNU Journal
    The editors of SUNU: Journal of African Affairs, Critical Thought + Aesthetics pick 20 eclectic films from Africa and the diaspora.
  5. Top Films From Pacific Arts Movement
    Brian Hu, the artistic director of Pacific Arts Movement, throws the spotlight on 10 boundary-pushing Asian feature films. 
  6. Top Films From Her Head in Films
    Caitlin, the host of the podcast Her Head in Films, allows audiences inside her head with this exclusive collection of her favorite art-house, documentary, and international films.

OVID is building a streaming service where members feel comfortable browsing the aisles (remember the video stores of olden days?) and can stumble across something familiar, or, even better, unexpected. 

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