Volunteer to Host a Protester for Occupy Wall Street’s One-Year Anniversary

The Occupy Wall Street Movement, the protest that popularized the now-ubiquitous term “99 percent,” began last year on September 17. The events in Zuccotti Park kicked off an international storm of activism, and though the movement has been less visible as of late, the one-year anniversary is quickly approaching. As part of OWS’s #S17 anniversary plan, the movement is asking for volunteers to host Occupiers through a new website.

The Housing Offer page gives volunteers an online system to provide space for OWS protest participants. A simple survey tracks how many people volunteers would like to host, how long they can stay, and what kind of guests they prefer. The system is meant to facilitate the anticipated surge of occupiers to New York City later this month, making sure the movement has as much of a resurgent presence as possible. Got an empty couch, studio corner, or even a free bedroom? Make it known!

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