A protest sign on an New York Police Department vehicle during June protests (photo by Peter Burka via Flickr)

In the wake of protests over anti-Black police violence following the murder of George Floyd, the art world has been barraged by criticism for its sometimes insubstantial response: posting a black square instead of ending police department contracts; silencing dissenters, especially people of color. Now, an open letter authored by two New York-based curators, urging the local government to defund the police and invest in BIPOC communities, is quickly garnering support from across the arts sector.

Penned by Natalia Viera, co-founder of Pública Espacio in Puerto Rico, and Patrick Jaojoco, director of programs at FABnyc, the missive outlines a series of demands that would steer the city’s expense budget “away from the NYPD, and towards social and civic services and education programs.”

“We ourselves are arts workers with direct ties to Puerto Rico and the Philippines, both with similar American imperial histories. We were frustrated with how arts institutions — some of which we have worked with before — were responding or not responding to the emergency that the Black community has been going through for centuries,” Viera and Jaojoco told Hyperallergic.

“We saw a silence where there needed to be loud and immediate demands to change this system so that all oppressed communities can be free,” they added. The authors also acknowledged earlier this year, the Black School ran an open letter about police presence in the MTA, co-authored with the Laundromat Project, that served as a model for their text.

Addressing Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo as well as the city’s police commissioner and district attorneys, they ask that government respect protesters’ rights; end violence against Black people; hold theNYPD accountable; and offer immediate relief to the communities affected in the form of rent cancellations and student loan forgiveness, among other measures.

The letter has more than 400 signatures so far from members of nearly every corner of the art world — gallery directors, museum staff, independent curators, artists, and others. Among them are artists Chloë Bass and Michael Rakowitz; Vera List Center curator Eriola Pira; Visual AIDS executive director Esther McGowan; and Jinny Khanduja, deputy director of the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

De Blasio’s proposed budget cuts for Fiscal Year 2021, Viera and Jaojoco argue in their letter, failed to “slash the NYPD budget by any significant margin,” instead draining arts, education, and youth programs of resources. They mention Black victims of police brutality and vigilantism by name: Eric and Erica Garner, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, and “the millions of other Black women, men, queer, and trans people.”

The problem of systemic racism requires collective action, not just sharing a Black artist’s work on social media, the authors told Hyperallergic.

“We should and have been asking: why are there are so many white men on boards and in positions of power? In a fundamentally racist society, in which silence equates to violence and ‘business as usual’ actively destroys our communities, why hasn’t there been more concrete action from the arts community to end systemic racism?” said Viera and Jaojoco.

“We need to start acting in our schools, art institutions, the architecture and design industries, and elsewhere, to think beyond ways in which we can be more ‘diverse’ and ‘inclusive,’” they add.

“As we saw in the banners that were displayed at the Whitney Museum protests a year ago: ‘they want the art but not the people.’ We, as arts workers together and united, want to say that we are the people, and we will be heard.”

Read Jaojoco and Viera’s open letter, reproduced in full, below. The letter is available in both English and Spanish at their website, artworkersforblacklives.com, produced by web designer Agnes Cameron. To add your name, sign here.

Open Letter from Arts and Cultural Workers of NYC, Demanding the Defunding of the Police and Investment in BIPOC Communities

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Mayor Bill de Blasio
Police Commissioner Dermot F. Shea
District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.
District Attorney Eric Gonzalez
District Attorney Darcel Denise Clark
District Attorney Melinda Katz
District Attorney Michael McMahon

June 3rd, 2020

To the aforementioned:

As New York residents as well as artists, art writers, arts administrators, curators, and cultural workers, we are outraged not only at the last week of police brutality in response to protests, but also the centuries of systemic murder and oppression of our communities from overfunded and increasingly militarized police.

Last April, Mayor de Blasio proposed major budget cuts for the Fiscal Year 2021, especially to the arts, education, and youth programs, while refusing to slash the NYPD budget by any significant margin. We urge you to consider the ethical and equal reallocation of the NYC expense budget, away from the NYPD, and towards social and civic services and education programs, effective at the beginning of FY21, July 1st 2020.

We write in remembrance of Eric and Erica Garner. We write in remembrance of George Floyd. We write in remembrance of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, and the millions of other Black women, men, queer, and trans people who, since the founding of this nation, have suffered systemic violence at the hands of police brutality. We write with our Black and brown communities in mind, who have suffered systemic underinvestment and oppression that have resulted in an overwhelming and disproportionate number of deaths from COVID-19.

In a time when it has become clearer and clearer that your policies and the policies of your predecessors have failed us, consistently compromising the safety and health of Black and brown people, we write to make a plea for you to act in solidarity with the ongoing Black and brown movements around the nation. As artists and arts workers, we have the responsibility of imagining and manifesting new and better worlds. In line with this work, we demand the immediate decrease of police presence in response to the #BlackLivesMatter protests, and subsequent Divestment from the Police and Investment in Black Communities.

Following the work of the national Movement for Black Lives, we repeat and unite with the following specific demands:

Respect the Rights of Protestors
We demand that no harm come to protestors. Violations of property should never be equated with the violation of human life and integrity. End the curfew and scale back police presence. Immediately ban the use of tear gas, a chemical weapon banned in warfare per the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.

Limit the spread of COVID-19, which your officers have not done enough to address. Your officers have not worn masks, and the doubling of police presence means the doubling of the chance of COVID spread not only in our communities, but among the police force itself. Reallocate the money you are using to mobilize the police toward obtaining and distributing PPE and other medical equipment for hospitals and our communities.

End the War Against Black People
We call for not just individual accountability of officers after a murder, but entire police departments. We demand an end to the criminalization, incarceration, and killing of our people.

Make immediately effective mandatory racial bias training, working with organizations such as the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and the Center for Racial Justice in Education. Suspend the use of administrative leave for cops under investigation. Withhold pensions and don’t rehire cops involved in excessive force. Require cops to be liable for misconduct and settlements. Withdraw participation in police militarization programs.

Community Control
Hold the NYPD immediately accountable by external community reviews. The most impacted in our communities need to control the laws, institutions, and policies that are meant to serve us, from our schools to our local budgets, economies, and police department.

Immediate Relief for Our Communities
We demand rent cancellation, mortgage cancellation, a moratorium on utility and water shutoffs, and a cancellation of student, medical, and other forms of debt. We demand long-term economic solutions like a Universal Basic Income and Universal Healthcare in order to address the immediate crisis and pave the way for a just recovery that doesn’t prioritize corporations and leave our communities behind. Support the families and the lives of those we have lost and those struggling to survive now.

We, the co-signers of this letter, stand with protesters around the city and nation in demanding deep, systemic change for our communities’ fundamental rights to life. As we work in our practices to continue imagining a more just and equal world, we acknowledge the work that others have done throughout the centuries of our oppression. We amplify the calls for defunding the police and investing in our communities that now form the policy line of the overwhelming majority of us, your constituents.

We are of and for the people. We are only few of many who have no choice but to demand a better future. We will no longer be brushed aside.


Natalia Viera Salgado, Co-founder, Pública Espacio, Puerto Rico; independent curator
Patrick Jaojoco, Director of Programs, FABnyc; independent curator/writer
Agnes Fury Cameron, Adjunct Lecturer
Eriola Pira, Curator, Vera List Center for Art and Politics
Alexandra Friedman, Arts Administrator
Manuela Paz, Fundraising for international and independent curators
Hatuey Ramos-Fermín, artist
Kemi Ilesanmi, The Laundromat Project
Rocío Aranda-Alvarado, Art Historian
Carlos Rivera Santana, Researcher
Mary H Rinaldi, Writer
Eden, Designer
Cathy Hung, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning
houda lazrak,
Eva Jensen, Paula Cooper Gallery
Sarah Rothberg, Artist / NYU prof
Dylan Gauthier, Sunview Luncheonette
Nicole Mouriño, Program Administrator, The Latinx Project at NYU
Elena Ketelsen González, Director, La Salita, Senior Fellow of Community Engagement PS1
Jona, MoMA PS1
Ayasha Guerin, NYU
Sam D, Arts Administrator
Joshua Liebowitz, artist and researcher
Jack Radley, Writer & Arts Administrator
Kelsey Breen, Art Admin
Yasmel Lorenzo , MoMA PS1
Meghan F, Screen printer
Chris M, Writer
Ryan Gilliam, Executive Director, FABnyc; Artist / Organizer
Antigona Gonzalez, FABnyc; Performing Arts worker
Kira Simon-Kennedy, China Residencies
Kimberly Golding, 12-Month Intern, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Dakota Devereux Scott, Managing Director, FABnyc
Alex McClure, Project Manager, Creative Time
Imani Michael Vieira , FABnyc, Independent Dance Artist
Felice Jiang,
Lalita Salander, Professor
Elena, Arts Administrator
Nei Valente, Visual Artist
Rachelle Dang, Artist, Educator
Candace Moeller, art gallery
Jessica Kwok,
Lina Alfonso, Program Manager, Grants & Services, LMCC
Janeill Cooper, Dance Artist and Freelance Theater Technician
Ximena, Artist Programs, Firelight Media
Mana Pinto, undefined
Veraalba Sant, Actor
Monica Torres,
Hernan Ayala, Graphic Designer / Artist
Zoe Elefterin, Photographer
Mana Pinto,
Max C Lee, co-founder, haul gallery & employee at Karma
Laura Perez, Artist
Yanet Diloné , Arts Administrator + Cultural Producer
Hernan Ayala, Graphic Designer & Artist
Ally Caple, Artist
Jafet Marquez, Freelancer
Alexandria Pang – Art enthusiast,
Kate M., Designer
Lara Fresko, Art historian
Samantha Craig, Arts worker
Fiamma Seda, Project Manager
Allison Kritz, Textile Designer
Jacob Mason-Macklin, Painter
Jacob Brooks, Artist
Isabella López, Operations Manager/Registrar
Masha Parfenov, Textile Designer
Vijay Masharani, Artist
Kerry Doran, Art historian, critic, curator
Francesca Altamura, New Museum Union Delegate
Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani, Artist & professor, Buscada & The New School
Jean Shin, artist, educator, cultural worker
Zander Hinton Entrprenuer & Political Activist , Executive Director
Patricia Ayres, Artist
Sam Ly, Customer service rep.
Margaret Carrigan, The Art Newspaper
Ryan Till, Artist, Art Handler
Rosalee Bernabe, Artist
Ashely, Designer
Jocelyn Chase,
Julie , Director of Communications
Page Nelson,
Felipe Mujica,
Owen Duffy , Director, Yeh Art Gallery, St. John’s University
Carlos Rosales-Silva, Artist and Educator
Liliana Morales,
Ken Castaneda, Artist and Gallery Employee
Kah-tee, Set dresser
Lametrius Ehite, Poet/Student
Molly Stack, Freelance Dancer
Barbara Calderón , Artist, art librarian at SVA, independent curator, member of Colectiva Còsmica
Briana Mendez , Brand Partnerships, Genius
Anna Adler, arts and culture worker
Yeidy Zorrilla, Proud Latinx
Paul Caicedo, Graphic Designer
Sanna Almajedi , e-flux
Sally Hughes,
Calvin Reedy, Gallery Assistant
Almeida A., Community
John Lucha, Community
Mauricio Escamilla, Sound Design Artist / Music Producer
Isabella Biberaj, Non profit events producer
Brian Leahy, Writer
Edward Salas, Artist / Educator
Martha Tuttle, Artist
Paola Rodríguez ,
Camila Monsalve,
Kevin De La Cruz, Filmmaker
Shauna Bahssin, Jewish Museum
Kathryn Lay,
Preeti Sodhi, Community Development Consultant
tatum mangus, photographer
Kat, Shubert organization
Joy Tag, Illustrator
Rafael Soldi, Visual Artist
Owen Christoph, Cultural Producer
Vanessa Thill, artist, writer
Xenia, arts administrator
Avi Varma, Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths
Daisy Vega, Collector
Natalie Lerner , Digital Coordinator
Alan Ruiz,
Samantha Schott, Educator and Arts Administrator
Eric Santoscoy-Mckillip, Artist, educator
Jeremy John Kaplan, Artist / Art Worker
Eduardo Palma, Designer and artist
Lauren Testa, Arts Administrator
Daniel Kapp, Art Gallery
Lindsay C. Harris, Black queer artist & youth worker; Teen Programs Manager, Brooklyn Museum
Rachel Carle Cohen, Educator & Gallery Owner
Chloë Bass, Artist
Ren Ellis Neyra, Ph.D., Professor, writer, scholar
Roderick Schrock, Executive Director, Eyebeam
Claribel Herrera , Marketing Manager
Mino Lora, Executive Director, People’s Theatre Project
Ellesse B,
Gia, Photographer
Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Associate Director, Arts & Media, NYU Hemi
Bianca Felix Biberaj, Allied Works Architecture
Libertad Guerra, The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center
Ricky Chan, Creative Director
Emma Colón, The Laundromat Project
Esther McGowan, Executive Director, Visual AIDS
Viviana Bianchi, Cultural Worker
Cievel Xicohtencatl, The Laundromat Project
Amanda Wachob, Artist
Micaela Martegani, Director, More Art
Vivian Raquel Valentin, Artist and designer
valerie amend , Arts worker
Clarinda Mac Low, Executive Director of Culture Push, Inc, Co-Director of Works on Water
Bri-Anna Bosticb, Substance Abuse Counselor
MH Fagan, Designer
Nathalia Trogdon, Freelance performer and choreographer
Ali Rosa-Salas, Director of Programming, Abrons Arts Center
Sanam, Artist
Devan Owens, Associate Gallery Director
Hollis Bartlett, Dancer, educator, creator
Jules Rochielle Sievert, Legal Educator, Nulawlab
Sarah Zapata, Artist
Sabrina, Filmmaker
Eve Mosher, artist
Fei Liu, Artist, Designer. Educator, The New School
Ariana Faye Allensworth, Photographer & Arts Administrator
Sophia Marisa Lucas, Assistant Curator, Queens Museum
Elizabeth Dashiell, Freelance Dancer
Theo LeGro, poet
Jodi Waynberg, Artists Alliance Inc., Director
Kseniya Baranova, Public college employee
Tara Hemmer, movement artist
Vanessa Kowalski, Curator
Chirag Davé, Creative Coder
Antonio Del valle Lago, Art Dealer
Judith Rubenstein, community artist
Becca Albee , artist, CCNY CUNY
Maia Cruz Palileo, Artist
Marie Katherine Vigneau, Registrar & Independent Curator
Nora Maité Nieves, Artist and Gallery Manager at Hunter East Harlem Gallery
Daniel Li, Designer
Abigail Levine, artist
Larissa De Jesus Negron, Artist, Museum worker (MoMA)
Candystore, Artist
Tessa , Artist
Althea Rao, Engaging Artist Fellow, More Art
Sergio Sandoval, Sculptor, teacher, art school and museum administrator
Jinny Khanduja, Deputy Director, Storefront for Art and Architecture
Kyle Croft, Visual AIDS
Lynn Brown, Teaching Artist
Eva Cruz, Content Creator
Andrew Diemer, Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Andrea Canzano, Business Associate, artnet
Adolfo G.,
Hanna Girma, MoMA
Hakimah Abdul-Fattah, Research Associate, Met Musuem
Alex Randrup, Producer/Curator, FEAST: A Performance Series
Jessie Kronke, MoMA, Visitor Engagement
Hannah Buck, Sales Manager, Arts and Design
Pat McNabb, Artist
Mark Dion, Mark Dion Studio
Dana Sherwood, Dana Sherwood Studio
Julia Mata, Laundromat Project
Andrew Hawkes, Artist
Kirsten Batten-Leach, Visual Artist/Dancer
Diana Betancourt Caballero , Policy Analist
Julian Jimarez Howard, Arts Administrator | Independent Curator
Diana Betancourt Caballero , Policy Analist
Nola Hanson, artist and organizer
Maximilian Julia , Visual Arts
Kahlil Robert Irving , Artist
Juanita Lanzo, Visual artist, educator, Independent Curator, Dept. Del Arte
Anjuli Rathod, Artist
Florencia Escudero , Artist
Carl Williamson, graphic designer
Whitney C, Artist
Alessandro Facente, Independent Curator, Artists Alliance Inc. Curator
Kaitlin Koch, Painter
Josephine Heston, Programs Associate, CUE Art Foundation
Gaby Collins-Fernandez, artist
Zac Thompson , Artist, drag queen, Griffin Editions
Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Visual Artist and Associate Professor, Pratt Institute
Gabby Marques , Dancer/Choreographer
Fiona Templeton, Artistic Director of The Relationship, writer
Eileen Emond, Photographer
Caron Atlas, NOCD-NY
Char Stiles, Computational Artist
Adela Goldsmith, Teaching Artist
Laurel Snyder , Dance Artist and Educator
Arivel Figueroa, Programming and Event Producer at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge
André Filipek Magaña, Artist
Melissa Peña, Travel Photographer
Stella Pena, Interior Designer
Allison Freedman Weisberg, Founder & Executive Director, Recess
Andrea Gordillo, Cultural Worker at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Education Center, CB3 Member
Alison Fleminger, Arts worker
carly mandel, artist
Magali Duzant, Visual Artist
Siqiao Lu , Project manager at Artist Studio
Hannes Bend, Artist and curator
Natalia Lassalle-Morillo , Director, Filmmaker and Visual artist
Michele , Dancer
Slim de la Cruz, Creative
Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC
Hailey Carlson, Fitness Trainer
JBF, Curatorial assistant at CIG
Gail Thacker , Art & Theatre
Maggie C, Development Dept
Alex Paik, Director, Tiger Strikes Asteroid; Gallery Director, Trestle Gallery
Emily Hill-Wright, Museum Professional
Alejandro Torres Viera, Diseñador Gráfico
raoul anchondo, project manager
Alejandro E. Torres, Executive Director, Loisaida Inc. Arts & Culture Center
Claudia Delaplace, independent curator
Eliza Boyer, Artist & Educator
Alessandra , Designer
Michael Rakowitz, Artist
Moss Lovejoy ,
Emily Huang, arts admin
Philip Santos Schaffer, theatre maker and administrator
Dianne Hebbert, Artist
Brad Beakes, dance artist and educator
Jana Morimoto, Artist & Arts Administrator
Catalina Ouyang, Artist
Anthony Goicolea, Artist
Mary Mattingly,
Cole Lu, artist
Rui Tang , Caí Studio
Audrée Anid, Artist, Curator, Associate Director, James Cohan Gallery
Sara Morgan, Communications Manager, Socrates Sculpture Park
Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Visual Artist and Associate Professor, Pratt Institutr
Caroline Partridge, Web designer
Collette, Artist, set design assistant/prop stylist
Laura Lupton, Director of Special Projects, Gladstone Gallery
Michael R., The Morgan
Christopher Hanrahan,
Audra Lambert, Curator
Max Dana, ArtsPool
Lauren Bierly,
Janine Biunno, Archivist
Sarah M Duncan, Sarah Duncan, writer
Sarah Maxfield, artist and arts administrator
Sarah Stengel, Associate Director, James Cohan Gallery
Kathryn McCrum, Gallery Associate, James Cohan
Samuel Doyon, ArtsPool
Kevin Lowenthal, Artist
Lizzie, Teaching artist
Allison Kadin, Arts Admin, BAM
Amanda Miller, Jewish educator, massage therapist, writer, actor
Faran Riley, artist
Shannon Stovall, Visual Artist
Zain A., South Asian Muslim artist & musician in Bed-Stuy
Andrew Rubenbauer, Marketing, BAM
Travis Amiel, Artist
Doug Varone, Artistic Director, Doug Varone and Dancers
Khyati Sehgal, Actor
Andrew Hawkes, Artist
Nicole Miller, Writer
Shu Ming Lim, Sales Assistant
Clark Filio, artist/producer
Nicole Haroutunian , Museum educator, writer, editor
Hasita Kamlesh , Textile Designer
Natalie Gaimari, Print Studio Manager in Greenpoint, Ridgewood Resident
Brendan Drake, Choreographer
Vera Petukhova, Independent Curator // Research + Project Assistant 2020Visions
Laura Splan, Artist
Plexus Projects, Gallery/Project Space
Colin Estey White, Animator
Sarah Cameron Sunde, Independent Artist + Co-Founder, Works on Water
Sarah Johnston, Lighting Designer
Ramsay Kolber, Curatorial Research Associate
Margaret Kross, Curatorial Assistant, Whitney Museum of American Art
Margot Yale, Cataloguer, MoMA
Madison St. Amour, Administrator
Kaitlyn Chandler, Motion Designer, BAM
Shannel Resto, Dancer and photographer
Carrie Chandler, Independent Artist
Mackenzie Cole, Community Engagement Manager
Jordan Hawkins, Independent Musician/Analog Collage artist
Sharlene Chiu, Senior Manager, BAM
Dove Hays, artist
Kathryn McKinney, A Blade of Grass
Rebecca Brickman, The Drawing Center
Ella, Arts educator and Front of House staff, Brooklyn Arts Exchange and Danspace Project
Nick Zanca, Musician, sound artist, producer
Dakota Gearhart, Artist and Educator
Devyn Young , Arts administrator
Alia Mahaini, Arts Administrator
Caroline Levy, Artist assistant
hunter adams, gallery assistant
Rachel Brotman, Musician, Educator
Silas, Pastor
Chiara Mannarino, Independent Curator
Clare McCormick, Arts Administrator
Zoe, Artist
Lindsey O’Connor, Whitney Museum
Natalie Eakin, Filmmaker
Mónica Félix, Visual Artist
Aneeta Mitha, Arts Program Manager
Susanna Coffey, Artist/Academic Columbia University
Eliza Ryan, producer and curator
Morgan King, Visual Arts Coordinator, BAM
Mahry Yazliyeva, Graphic Designer
Alex Ross, Downs & Ross
Sophie Tibiletti, Artist
Milagros Verendia, Marketing and Communications – Education and Community Engagement
Jennifer Miller, Circus Amok
Alex Sloane, MoMA PS1
Kellie Konapelsky, Graphic Designer
J. Soto, Manager, Programs and Inclusion, Eyebeam
Emily Ruotolo, Director, James Cohan
Mel Skluzacek, Professor
Moncho Alvarado, Community member
David Sierra, artist and scholar
Susannah Palmer,
Rachel Gugelberger, Curator
Eileen Jeng Lynch, Curator
Alyssa R Freitas, Visual Artist
Farrah Desgranges, Project Coordinator, BAM
Ashley Renee Thaxton-Stevenson, Theater Maker & Arts Educator
Krzysztof Wodiczko, Artist
Moira Brennan, The MAP Fund
Andrew Freiband, Artists’ Literacies Institute
Richard Morales, Curator/Manager of Arts and Cultural Programs
Chloe Borison, Graphic Designer, BRIC
shayma aziz, visual artist
Braulio Gonzalez , Stylist
Alli Arnold, Arts Administrator
Sofía Silva, Fellow in US Latinx Art, Whitney Museum
Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy, Assistant Curator, Museum of Arts and Design
Hadley Armstrong, Production Stage Manager, Broadway
Moselle, artist
Carola Reyes , intern, The Whitney Museum of American Art
Aaron Mattocks, Arts worker
Andy Sheagren, Arts Administrator
Rachel Katwan, Performing Arts Management, Pomegranate Arts
Meaghan McLaughlin, Financial Analyst, BAM
Mary Kahle, Designer, Creative, @Kahle-studio
Meredith Kramer, Producer
Ambika T., Arts
Lucia Scheckner, Director of Education & Community Engagement at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX)
Floor Grootenhuis, Artist
Alex Abrahams, Director
Sarah Humphreville, Senior Curatorial Assistant
Martha Bowers, Executive Director Hook Arts Media
Aliza Sena, Digital Producer, Whitney Museum
Nora Maité Nieves, Artist and Gallery Manager at Hunter East Harlem Gallery
Carrie Laben, Writer
D Kovey, Museum Registrar
Renita Barua , Digital Marketing Manager, The Jewish Museum
Samantha Bittman, Artist and Teacher
Erica Zielinski, Producer
Kimberly Lum, Designer, BAM
William Penrose, Arts Administrator & Researcher
e g condon, Front of House, Danspace Project, visual artist/choreographer
Rejin Leys, Artist
Joanna Futral, Arts Admin and Dance artist
Caitlin Sullivan, Designer
Gemma N. A. Hunt, artist
Stacey Dinner, Artist Services, BAM
Sydnie L. Mosley, Artistic Director, Sydnie L. Mosley Dances
Marin Day, Dancer and arts administrator
Jenn Grossman, Music industry
Natasha Bunten, Director, Culture Workers Education Center
Sammy Landau, Stage Manager
Claire Lukasiewicz, Gallery Employee
Diana Palermo, Artist
Sara Roer, Arts Administrator and Performer
Jen Lam, Arts Marketing & Communications Professional
Davina Bhandari, The Hole NYC
Octavia Knox, Sales Assistant, Art Gallery
Kylie Heidenheimer , Artist
Munira Khapra-Reininger, Arts Administrator
despina sophia stamos, performing artist/ somatic practitioner
Lauren Young,
Isabella Howard, Exhibitions Manager, Anastasia Photo
Leeanne G-Bowley, Choreographer, Director of In-Sight Dance Company
Amanda Villalobos, Puppet Designer

Valentina Di Liscia is the News Editor at Hyperallergic. Originally from Argentina, she studied at the University of Chicago and is currently working on her MA at Hunter College, where she received the...