Kate Hartman, Muttering Hat

Kate Hartman, Muttering Hat (2006), from the Museum of Modern Art’s “Talk to Me” exhibition (image via moma.org)

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Every Friday (or so), we post things “Overheard in the Art World.” #OHAW Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

Sometime after the launch of the iPhone 5 and while Gagosian and Perleman were filing their law suits, September openings continued to flood the art world, shuffling gallery goers through futuristic vintage aluminum trailers, touching our world of “pleasure and sensuality,” and keeping us from stepping through sunken ships, all the while inspiring talk of sperm, licking, and taxidermy.

Fake buyer: “Are all the works spoken for?”
Exaggerating dealer: “Some are still available”
—overheard at Marianne Boesky opening of Diana Al-Hadid

“Is it really that clear?”
—overheard standing over Andreas Slominski work at Metro Pictures

“Look, it says sperm.” [cue self inflicted chuckles]
—overheard outside Metro Pictures’s opening of Andreas Slominski

“The thing at Metro [Pictures] makes me want to quit the art world entirely.”
—overheard in Chelsea

Guy: “I just saw a vagina.”
Girl: “First time ever?”
Guy: “No, but it just gets worse and worse every time”
—overheard in Steven Kasher’s back gallery

“I just want to lick them all.”
—overheard at Steven Kasher Gallery show of Randy Polumbo

“Oh Gagosian, oh Perelman…”
—overheard at Stephen Kasher Gallery opening

“It really seems as if the cement floor is going that way.”
—overheard at Barbara Gladstone Gallery opening of Thomas Hirschhorn

“What is Concordia?”
—overheard at Barbara Gladstone Gallery opening of Thomas Hirschhorn

Girl: “I really need to marry a man who will let me collect art.”
Guy: “Yeah, or taxidermy.”
—overheard at Tracy Williams opening of Astrid Scangren

“This work [he says staring into the work’s mirror] is like that awkward moment when you stare at it and think, man he’s hot! … oh wait that’s me.”
—overheard at Tracy Williams opening of Astrid Scangren

“Some people think it’s garbage, and I think it’s art.”
—at a studio in Gowanus, during GO Brooklyn

“So, did you get the new iPhone?”
—overheard EVERYWHERE

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