Grayson Perry’s Ceramic Dog: “Conceptual Art Is Shit”

Grayson Perry is a cross-dressing British ceramic artist. Bob and Roberta Smith is a single artist who goes by a double name that also functions as an inside joke. Two of the weirder personalities in the contemporary art world, they come together in this video, in which a small sculpture of a dog proudly proclaims, “Conceptual art is shit.”

The clip, taken from John Rogers’s documentary about Bob and Roberta Smith called Make Your Damn Art, shows Smith presenting a ceramic dog that he received from Perry. On one side is written the dig at conceptual art and on the other, “Hoxton is dead.” (For those unfamiliar with British subcultures, Hoxton is a hip, creative district in the east of London near Shoreditch.)

Smith notes that Perry must somehow associate him with Hoxton and conceptual art, but the dual-personality artist disagrees with the dog’s statement: it strikes him as a “forced argument between people who make things and people who think about things.” But after all, “It’s all nonsense really, it’s all art,” Smith summarizes.

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