Detail from SVA MFA Fine Arts 2020 graduate LaTonia Allen’s “There, Here, and Right Here” (2020), oil on canvas (image courtesy the artist)

The School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents *We Interrupt This Program…, an exhibition of thesis work by the MFA Fine Arts class of 2020. Curated by guest curator Regine Basha, the exhibition will be on view Thursday, July 16, through Thursday, August 6, on

*We Interrupt This Program… was supposed to take place in the spring but, due to complications related to COVID-19, had to be postponed indefinitely. The online version serves as a window into the work and processes of a group of hard-working artists in SVA MFA Fine Arts’s class of 2020 who earned their degrees in May but did not have the chance to exhibit their thesis projects to a broader audience in person. 

What you will find within this online group show is a summary of the important themes that emerge in the paintings, video, photography, sculptural installations, public art interventions, and other new genres the MFA students (now graduates) were invested in during their time at SVA. 

The title of the exhibition is a modification of the (now defunct) urgent broadcast announcement, “We interrupt this broadcast,” used frequently by radio and television networks when breaking into a program in progress to deliver important news or information. 

Featured artists: LaTonia Allen, Daniel Arturo Almeida, Peter (Chun Chieh) Chang, Andrea Crapanzano, Jason Elizondo, Becca Guzzo, Yawen Erin Huang, Jyoon Hurr, Jee Youn Hwang, Kunjin Jiang, Maximilian Juliá, Jae Won Jung, Dulce Lamarca, Sarah Malekzadeh, Michael Marrella, Jimmy Mezei, Marcelina Pater, Jennifer Rappaport, Tarah Rhoda, Carlos Rosales-Silva, Maria Duran Sampedro, Carra Seals, Olive (Mengxia) Shi, Amanda Smith, Linda Streicher, Keno Tung, Tao Wei, Lynn Weilin, and Esther Yijun Xu. 

To view the exhibition, visit

Additional programming and events will take place every Saturday evening from July 18 through August 6, 8–10pm (EDT). Check or follow MFA Fine Arts on Instagram @svamfafinearts for more information.

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